do you ever just realize how bad your voice sounds

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Guys, I committed to a college!!! I can finally enjoy the last 46 days of senior year!!!

sherryhearthair @andrewrannells getting the best gift ever! Thank you @tylerhwilliams @TataHarper #goodskin #nontoxic #skincare
Couples better than Ted and Robin




Barney and Robin

Marshall and Lily..

Marshall and Brad..

Barney and Patrice..

Ted and Victoria..

Ted and Stella [Until the thing]

Barney and Nora..

Barney and Patrice..

Barney and Quinn [Just about]

Ted and…

The pineapple and the nightstand


But is Andrew Rannells actually dating anyone or ????? bc really who wouldn’t date him

It’s mike doyle, they are always together, and andrew said in an interview a few weeks back that his bfs name was Michael